Frequently Asked Questions

1. Login/Registration/Payment:

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  • I’ve registered, but what happens next?

    Once you have registered your name and contact details with MVTV you will receive an Email asking to confirm your Email address.  On clicking the link to confirm your mail address, the account will be activated and you can Log-In to take a trial, or, subscribe to one of the many access packages we make available
  • I’ve registered, but, am not able to login?

    The most likely reason is you have not responded to our Email asking for confirmation of your mail address. If you haven’t seen this mail, please check your SPAM filter as it may be caught up there. Once you have clicked on the mail address confirmation link, your account will be activated and you can then log-in.
  • How do I Subscribe and make Payment?

    To subscribe for an MVTV access package please go to our ‘Shop’ page and choose from one of the many access options we make available.

    You can make secure payments online using MasterCard, or, VISA credit cards. We also accept payments via PAYPAL.

    For those people who do not use, or, have access to the payment methods outlined above, we also accept payment via direct bank transfer. However, due to the slower processing of payments, your account cannot be credited immediately. Payment via direct bank transfer is only available to clients taking out an Unlimited Access package.

  • I’ve been unable to successfully complete a payment transaction?

    There are several reasons a transaction may not complete successfully, most of which are outside of our direct control. Therefore, if you are having difficulty making payment, the best advice we can offer is to speak with your payment provider, as the terms of use can vary significantly according to the bank/institution you use and also where you are located.We use a secure payment services provider – based in Switzerland – and for security reasons they impose rules on us for when transactions are declined. In particular, there are limits on the number of times a credit card payment is declined before a block is put on that card. There is also a limit on the number of times declined payment attempts can be made from the same IP address, before a block is placed.
  • What is Auto Renewal?

    ‘Auto Renewal’ allows subscribing clients to renew an account automatically just before expiry, negating the tedium of making repeated manual payments. ‘Auto Renewal’ is an optional feature which must be activated by the client and is only available to those making payment via credit card
  • I’ve set my account to Auto Renewal, but, it hasn’t worked?

    It is likely you have set your account to ‘Auto Renewal’, but, have chosen to pay using PAYPAL. Unfortunately we cannot process payments automatically from PAYPAL. Therefore, you will either need to continue making manual PAYPAL payments, or alternatively, change your method of payment to a credit card. Once you have made one manual payment using a credit card, you will then be able to use the Auto Renewal feature

2. Taking a Trial:

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  • I’ve signed up for my trial, but what happens next?

    Once you have signed up for a trial and your payment is received you will get an Email from us confirming your payment. You will then be given access to view 5 videos on our ‘live platform’. To start viewing these, simply log in and then click on the ‘Analysis Viewer’ which you’ll find on the top navigation bar of our webpage. From here you can choose the currency pair and analysis time frame you wish and then click to see the video.
  • How many Trials can I have?

    We offer a generous trial package allowing potential clients sufficient views to get a strong appreciation of the type of analysis we produce and also how we deliver it. For this reason we only allow one trial per person and/or per IP address.

3. General Platform Related:

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  • Once logged in, what are the key points in navigating my way around your Website?

    Access to Video Analysis: Click the ‘Analysis Viewer’ tab on the top navigation bar and then click on the currency pair you are interested in. Under each currency pair tab you will find the latest intra- day, daily and weekly perspective.

    Access to ‘text versions’ of our analysis:
      For ‘Unlimited Access’ clients only we offer ‘text’ versions of each analysis we produce. You can find this under the ‘Elliot Strategy Blog’ tab located on the top navigation bar.

    Viewing/Amending your Account Details:
    Under the ‘My Profile’ tab you can access several useful pages relating to your MVTV account. In particular, under the following tabs you can:

    Account Details
    : View your account status and amend details such as your preferred Email address, Login name, password and Auto Renewal preference.

    See what you have viewed on MVTV and when, along with your current viewing balance

    Check your subscription and payment history with MVTV
  • How often do you provide analysis updates?

    Our aim in providing analysis is to have all our forecasts current for each perspective of a currency pair. This doesn’t necessarily mean, however, you should expect across the board updates each and every day.The frequency at which we produce a new forecast depends on a mix of factors, i.e.:

    Pairing Popularity: 

    We will over time tend to devote higher coverage frequency to our major (more popular) pairings, i.e. EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/YEN, USD/CHF and AUD/USD as compared to the ‘crosses’, e.g. EUR/CHF

    The time perspective:

    As a general rule, for the major pairs our weekly (longer term) perspectives will tend to be produced at weekends and are updated every 4-6 weeks depending on whether our analysis has changed significantly since the last update.  The Daily perspective is normally updated at least once a week whilst the Intra-day (hourly) charts are updated every 24-48 hours.

    Times of Increased Volatlity:

    Irrespective of the currency we will provide more frequent updates, at times when specific currency pairs are going through periods of higher volatility
  • Why is the time shown on the chart different to when I receive the analysis?

    The time shown on our charts reflects the date stamp for the data we use to create each piece of analysis. However, as our analysts’ require time to produce their analysis, there is an inevitable difference between the time reflected on the chart and the time at which you are advised a piece of analysis is available
  • How do I know when a new analysis is available? Do you send out alerts?

    You can subscribe to our RSS feed providing an alert service for when each new analysis is available from MVTV. Subscribing to our RSS feed is free of charge and the link to do so can be found at the bottom of the MVTV home page.
  • As a flexible access client, will I get charged again for watching a video repeat?

    No you won’t. A debit will only be made to your account when you view a completely new video. Therefore, you can watch the same video again, as often as you like at no extra cost and for as long as it remains live on the platform.

    If you are logged into your account, you can check this for yourself by clicking the ‘Viewings’ tab - located on the ‘My Profile’ page. Here you can see exactly which videos you have viewed already and also check the balance you have remaining left to view. In doing so you will see that you don’t get re-charged for viewing the same video again.

    In this context, one point to note, however, is occasionally we may update our Intra-Day analysis more than once in the same day.  In this situation, ‘flexible access’ clients will, if they view both updates, be charged twice. This is because they are 2 separate videos (with unique video ID’s).

4. Analysis Related:

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  • What different time perspective do you cover in your analysis?

    As clients have differing time perspectives for making profit in FX markets, MVTV provide analysis covering 3 different time perspectives for each of the currency pairs we follow:

    Intra-Day Perspective - This is based on an hourly chart and provides a short term outlook, i.e. typically for the next 1- 2 days

    Daily Perspective -
    This is a medium term perspective, typically providing an outlook for the next 5 -10 days

    Weekly Perspective - This represents a longer term perspective offering an outlook for the next 1-2 months
  • Do you provide specific entry and exit level recommendations?

    We certainly don’t offer a ‘black box’ solution in providing clients with constant suggestions on market entry and exit levels and which are based on an automated process.However, we do aim to deliver ‘forward looking’ analysis. As such we use our expertise to provide clients with the occasional recommendation combined with a clear view of which direction we believe the market is going, both in the short and longer term.
  • Do you provide your analysis in text format and how do I get access?

    We provide ‘static text and graphic’ interpretations to accompany each video analysis. However, for technical reasons we can only make this available to ‘Unlimited Access’ clients and they will find this under the’ Elliott Strategy Blog’ tab located on the top navigation bar of the MVTV home page
  • Why does the ‘blog’ (text) format appear later than the video analysis?

    For technical process reasons the video will always be published ahead of the accompanying text (blog) and so there is a short delay between when the video appears and when the text is made available. However, a normal delay should take no more than 10 -15 minutes
  • Why don’t you provide analysis on more markets, e.g. Gold, Commodities, etc.?

    We are looking to use our analytical expertise to extend and penetrate new markets.  However, before we do so, we need to ensure we can deliver the same quality and depth of coverage that our existing clients have become used to. This means adapting our technology and increasing our manpower. So keep watching this space.
  • Can you help me interpret and understand your analysis better?

    Whist we aim to make an MVTV forecast very simple to follow, if you’re new to technical analysis, then how we arrive at a view, can take a little getting used to. For this reason, many of our clients have expressed interest in getting to learn more about the way we interpret and use technical analysis. To accommodate this demand we will, early in 2013, be introducing the ‘MVTV Academy’ to help clients better understand this area. More information will be made available shortly.
  • How do I subscribe to your RSS Feed?

    There are a couple of ways in which you can subscribe to our RSS feed


    1. When you're logged on to MVTV, click on the RSS Feed button located at the bottom of the Main Page. This will take you to an RSS feed page and depending on which browser you use, a different page format will appear inviting you to subscribe to our RSS feed. For example, when using the latest Internet Explorer browser you’ll see a gold coloured box entitled Elliot Wave Strategies Alert at the top of the page. Click on the "Subscribe to this Feed" button which appears in this box. A further ‘pop up’ will appear prompting you to click on 'Subscribe' again. Once you have clicked here this enables - in this instance Internet Explorer - to manage your feeds. Other browsers enable you to subscribe in a similar way


    2. Some people however prefer to manage their feeds through a specific feed reader, e.g. Google Reader. If you want to manage it this way, open the RSS feed page (as above) and having set up your Google Reader account, simply copy the URL address for MVTV feeds - - and copy this into the preferred list of feeds you wish to follow.